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World Rum Awards 2017

Taste Winners

World's Best Rum

World's Best Rum
Best Gold
St Vincent Distillers
Mutineers Gold XO Special Reserve Rum
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

"Mellow oak and vanilla aromas. Well structured nose, nice evidence of wood, which balances with the fruity notes really well. You can really taste the raw elemental nature of the rum in a really good way. Long, long soft dry finish."
World's Best Rum Design

World's Best Rum Design
Best Premium
West Indies Rum & Cane

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Best Dark
Best DarkBundaberg Distillers' Collection SoleraAustralia
Best Flavoured
Best FlavouredSpirits of Old Man Rum Project OneGermany
Best Spice
Best SpiceAbleforth's Rumbullion! XO 15 Years OldUnited Kingdom
Best White
Best WhiteOld Captain Caribbean White RumNetherlands
Best Relaunch/Redesign
Best Relaunch/RedesignAngostura 1824Trinidad And Tobago
Best Duty Free
Best Duty FreeWest Indies Rum & Cane Netherlands
Best Design Effectiveness
Best Design EffectivenessPirate's Grog RumPanama
Best New Launch
Best New LaunchWest Indies Rum & Cane Netherlands