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World Rum Awards winners 2020

2020 Winners announced
The winners of the 2020 World Rum Awards were announced online and through social media on 12 April, following two rounds of tastings. In an understandable and necessary change to tradition, the round 1 winners were not revealed at the final tasting which is normally held in London. Instead, the final tasting was conducted at home by our judges and chaired by Peter Holland via internet. Following the taste award winners, our design team examined all products and has crowned the World’s Best Rum Design. This was held on 16 March in London.

Peter Holland, chair of judges, said:” I’m very happy to report that despite the effects of a global pandemic, we've used technology to great effect, responsibly closing out the judging of another wonderful round of The World Rum Awards. Very pleased to have found some excellent winners, entirely worthy of recognition they deserve.”

Felicity Murray, chair of the design judges, concluded: “With the ever-growing number of rums the choices for the consumer have never before been so wide, so inventive, and perhaps so confusing. Therefore, to catch the consumer’s eye and their curiosity, the packaging has to work especially hard - it has to say ‘look at me, pick me up, and find out more about the liquid inside. Overall, across all the categories, standards were exceptionally high and the judges had a tough time deciding on the World Best Design.”

All winners can be found here
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